Innovative Assessment Methods for the French Horn: Increasing the Effectiveness of Education




innovation, learning the French horn, music education, performance assessment, training systems, the French horn


The introduction of innovative assessment techniques for the French horn can improve the process of education. The objective is to examine the effectiveness of the proposed assessment methods for improving accuracy on the French horn. The research is based on the experimental design to evaluate the effectiveness of assessment methods using statistical data analysis and paired t-test. The research took place from January to June during the 2020-2021 academic year. The sample involved 183 students from three educational institutions in the People's Republic of China. A preliminary assessment found that the academic performance of students was low. Before the implementation of the proposed assessment methods, an average score was 20.63 points interpreted by the scholars as Do not Meet Academic Expectations. After the introduction of the assessment methods, the post-implementation scores of the academic performance increased by 41.3%. The findings were interpreted as a Satisfactory level of academic performance. The paired t-test revealed significant differences in student performance learning the French horn before and after the introduction of the new assessment methods. The average difference was 3.57 points. Thus, the proposed assessment methods for the French horn playing include (1) playing by ear, (2) Instrumental Scheme Processing, (3) a range practice, and (4) an introductory exam. The research demonstrates that the proposed assessment methods can be used as a part of the standard assessment developed for teachers that include different elements of effective teaching tools and methods.


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Ning Zhou, SCUT School of Arts, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China,

Ning Zhou, Associate Professor of French Horn, South China University of Technology School of Arts. Over the years, he has specialized in French horn playing and teaching research. Also developing the role of classic music in education at different levels, as well as how the French horn can be expressed in traditional Chinese music. His published works include "On the Basic Playing Methods of the French Horn", "Exploring the Strategies of French Horn Playing and Technique Training", and "Innovative Assessment Methods for the French Horn: Increasing The Effectiveness of Education", "The Addition and Subtraction of Music Teaching in Universities: The Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Music in Higher Education", etc. Recent major research project: "Traditional Lingnan Music Performance in French Horn solos and ensembles”. He elaborated his research direction from the aspects of elegant music, the development history and specific performance of the horn, which provided a good reference for related research.




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