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The IJAEEdu receives papers in continuous flow, ie there will be no deadlines for submitting papers. Provide to professionals working in the area of Engineering and electronic space for the dissemination of teaching jobs, research and extension in Brazil and other countries. Undergraduate and graduate students, professors, researchers and professionals from different courses of engineering and related areas. Thus, a particular paper accepted in the field of Engineering Education will be published in an appropriate edition.

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The submission process has five steps with instructions at each step. The system also offers the possibility of monitoring the progress of submissions. If the author has concerns about the submission process, please refer to the Tutorial.

New International Standard Serial Number from volume 6 (2019): ISSN 2596-1152

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Vol. 6 (2019): Vol 6 (2019): International Journal on Alive Engineering Education - ISSN 2596-1152
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Published: 2019-04-01



  • Environmental Education and Energy Efficiency as Strategies for Reducing Energy Consumption in Public School Building in Goiânia

    Marlison Noronha Rosa, Yan Machado Sousa, Karla Emmanuela Ribeiro Hora, Katia Kopp, Getulio Antero de Deus Junior
  • A Semi-Attending Robotics Course Proposal: An On-line Platform and set of In-Person Meetings For Teaching Robotics using Lego Mindstorms EV3

    Alane Teixeira Rodrigues, Robson Lopes De Couto, Jermana L. De Moraes, Vandilberto Pereira Pinto, Rômulo Nunes e C Almeida
  • The Integration of University with High School Through an Experience Using Pjbl

    Luciano Marins, Edson de Paula Carvalho, Walkiria Silva Soares Marins, Douglas do Couto Soares, Francilaine Calixto Gouveia
  • Leadership Development of Technology Students Through Experiential Learning

    Taciano Messias Moraes, Leonardo G. de R. Guedes, Sheryl Root
  • Farewell Letter

    Getúlio Antero de Deus Júnior
  • Power Electronics Education A Contemporary Teaching Appproach

    José Roberto Quezada Peña, Brenda Irla Cardoso Feitosa, Jefferson William Oliveira
  • Tests of pervious concrete as learning tool Comparative Study About: Evolution of the Trait, Methods and Complementary Analysis

    Natália Martins Bezerra
  • Clustered Social Representation of Active Methodologies in Engineering Courses a case study at Goiás State, Brazil

    Leonardo Guerra de Rezende Guedes, João Pedro Aguiar dos Santos, Eng.


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