The Integration of University with High School Through an Experience Using Pjbl


  • Luciano Marins
  • Edson de Paula Carvalho
  • Walkiria Silva Soares Marins
  • Douglas do Couto Soares
  • Francilaine Calixto Gouveia



The present work describes an exchange of experiences among students of the State School CIEP 291 - Dom Martinho Schlude in the City of Pinheiral, RJ, with the Advertising and Propaganda students, Information Systems and Engineering of the University Center of Volta Redonda (UniFOA) during a period of six months. The partnership arose due to a school´s need to develop some actions to participate in the Jaguar Land Rover Competition, 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge. The challenge required technological changes in a prototype of a 4x4 vehicle approximately 20 cm long, 10 cm wide and 10 cm high. A micro-enterprise was create, with a logo and marketing actions, approaching an entrepreneurial vision. All actions taken were on display on a given day through verbal presentations and visualization of the team's booth. In addition to fulfill these needs, each team were evaluate on the performance test of the prototype in an obstacle course to take time. A partnership with UniFOA  was created to assist in project development and support in the area of technology, strategy and marketing. Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) led the industry's support in research and development for strategic planning for the team's actions. The students of the courses of Design, Information Systems, Advertising and Propaganda and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering assigned two hours a week for approximately six months to a technical monitoring involving the needs of the Team.

         In the end, the secondary students were able to elaborate all the necessary requirements according to the regulation participating in the National Stage and later of the World Stage. The UniFOA students were able to apply the concepts using Project Based Learning as a methodology fulfilling the role of the university in the society that is to produce knowledge, generate critical thinking, organize and articulate knowledge, forming citizens and professionals. The experience was very enriching providing for all involved strengthening of numerous cognitive and socio emotional skills. As a result of the project, the AUTO291 team was the champion in the National Stage, conquering the opportunity to represent the country in the world event, being the champion team in the category of "Best Media Dissemination" and was among the top three in the "in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates..