Human Rights: sweeping the sphinxes, weaving waters and winds


  • Solon Eduardo Annes Viola UNISINOS
  • Thiago Vieira Pires UNISINOS


Human rights, Democracy, Resistance


This text was built from the verses of poets of a generation who sang resistance in refrains. It aims to reconstitute the long presence of "chains" and "sphinxes" that imprison the concept of human rights, making the counterpoint of "waters" and "winds", which dare to reinterpret and imagine that "tomorrow may be another day". How to “break the chains” that involve “tomorrow” and “sweep the sphinxes from crossroads”? This text goes through different periods in history in which human rights were constituted between needs, promises and challenges. United by sections (which can be understood as stanzas) that complement each other, the text follows the impulses of the “waters and the winds” and points to the path of rupture with the “chains” that suffocate “the tomorrow”.

Author Biographies

Solon Eduardo Annes Viola, UNISINOS

Doutor em História pela Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos – E-mail:

Thiago Vieira Pires, UNISINOS

Doutor em Ciências Sociais pela Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos – Unisinos. Graduado e Mestre em Ciências Sociais pela mesma instituição. Bolsista PROSUC/CAPES. E-mail:





Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights