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Resumo da Biografia From FIFA 98 to FIFA 18: how graphics have evolvedTechnical comparison

With the E3 2018 just around the corner, where you can see the new FIFA 19, and Electronic Arts confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the main image of this release, now we look back to see how the simulation franchise has evolved graphically Most popular football today from FIFA 98 to today. FIFA 19 Cheats can help you get free unlimited FIFA 19 Coins and Points.

More than two decades of work by EA Sports that also reflect the evolution of digital entertainment leisure in these events. From the Candyland channel, some of the works have taken fragments in their console versions and, to tell the truth, the difference is more than palpable. Check out the german version of hack here.

Changes in the dynamism of the encounters, the modeling of the characters or the action of the public are appreciated. If before the pace was more active and faster, little by little it has been graduating to be a simulation more in line with what can be seen in a television game. In any case, there are elements that do not change; The FIFA essence that we will see possibly intact this weekend is still being maintained.

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Next Saturday, June 9, at 20:00 local time, the EA conference will begin, the EA Play 2018, where we will see not only FIFA 19 but also Battlefield 5, Anthem and other games that fans expect to play. the bar for everything high.

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