The Care Crisis in Times of Pandemic


  • Cecilia Touris


care, rights, pandemic, ecologies


This article presents a possible analysis to reflect on the care crisis that the pandemic context has triggered in various areas of everyday life. At the same time, it urges a critical review of the responses that have been attempted by examining the role of state institutions. It raises new questions and seeks to shift the focus from individuals and societies deprived of the ecologies that are part of the universe that permeates social life. The article addresses the problematization arising from the crisis of the neoliberal system, which the pandemic has exposed, through various aspects of social life such as the family, school, justice, and health. It uses the concepts of three ecologies and "care-citizenship" to contemplate the dimension of care and its reclamation from a new perspective of citizenship and human rights that promotes ecological integration.

Author Biography

Cecilia Touris

Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina (