Justice and Human Rights in Multicultural Societies


  • María Concepción Gimeno Presa Universidad de León


Tolerance, Fundamental rights, Multiculturalism, Globalisation


The concept of tolerance has ceased to play a relevant role in social relations since the worldwide recognition of fundamental rights and freedoms. However, the process of globalisation is generating new conflicts in our societies arising from the coexistence of a plurality of cultures with diverse and sometimes incompatible legal systems. This paper analyses the relationship between tolerance and fundamental rights to show that the two concepts neither exclude nor overlap.  Tolerance can act as a criterion for giving explicit meaning to certain rights when used to resolve conflicts in multicultural communities.

Author Biography

María Concepción Gimeno Presa, Universidad de León

Profesora de Filosofía del Derecho, Universidad de León. Doctora en Derecho por la UNED Madrid (España). Este trabajo fue realizado en el marco del proyecto “Sesgos cognitivos y discrecionalidad judicial” PID2019-105841RB-C22
 financiado por el MINECO Y FEDER.





Philosophy of Human Rights