Evaluation of the effects of SPONDIAS MOMBIN extract as an alternative antimicrobial drug





The extract of Spondias mombin has constituents which may improve psychiatric disorders, in addition to having antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial activity. But despite having several benefits, it is necessary to assess whether the extract may interfere with cell metabolism so furthermore its microbicide potential can be explored. Fifteen Wistar rats were used, divided into four groups (control group; control with extract; hyperlipidemic diet; hyperlipidemic diet and extract). For 12 weeks, the animals were weighed and their blood glucose was assessed. Afterwards, they were euthanized, and the biological material was collected. The evaluation confirmed the efficacy of the extract of S. mombin against cell metabolism of rats, without negatively altering cell viability; the group of rats with an hyperlipidemic diet showed an increase in body weight; however, in the individual assessment of the organs, there were no significant changes. The glycemic index, liver parameters, lipids, and mineral ions did not show changes. Furthermore, the antimicrobial potential of S. mombin extract was observed against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 29213 and Staphylococcus aureus BLACC. The results suggest that S. mombin extract did not interfere with cell viability, did not show cytotoxicity to cells that were exposed to it, nor did it interfere with the metabolism, organs, and biochemical indices of rats with a standard or hyperlipidemic diet. Considering such characteristics and the potential activities observed in this present study, additional evaluation should be conducted to further assess the role of S. mombin extract as a source of new alternative antimicrobial drug as well as its possible beneficial activity to the cardiovascular system.

KEY WORDS: Spondias mombin; hyperlipidemic diet; antimicrobial inhibition; obesity; Staphylococcus aureus.


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ARATAK MARQUES TAIA, T.; FELIPE VILELA PERES, M.; MENDES MOREIRA DE OLIVEIRA, I.; NAYARA GUIMARÃES TEÓFILO, M.; CORREIA STOKO, N.; FERREIRA ALVES, S.; TORRES BLANCH, G.; NASCENTE COSTA, S. H.; BORGES, L. . L.; MARQUES CARDOSO, A.; VIERA TEIXEIRA, M.; PELLI DE OLIVEIRA, M. A.; MOURA GOMES, C. Evaluation of the effects of SPONDIAS MOMBIN extract as an alternative antimicrobial drug. Revista de Patologia Tropical / Journal of Tropical Pathology, Goiânia, v. 52, n. 1, p. 37–49, 2023. DOI: 10.5216/rpt.v52i1.73022. Disponível em: https://revistas.ufg.br/iptsp/article/view/73022. Acesso em: 23 maio. 2024.