Call for papers - Social Sciences and Covid-19: epistemological contributions and methodological challenges


Editors: Tania Ludmila Dias Tosta, João Carlos Amoroso Botelho, and Camilo Braz, from the Editorial Commission of the journal Sociedade e Cultura.

The journal Sociedade e Cultura announces a call for papers for a special issue on the topic “Social Sciences and Covid-19: epistemological contributions and methodological challenges”. The special issue, to be published in the first half of 2021, seeks to bring together studies from the field of social sciences that, from different approaches, objects, and contexts, present innovative discussions about the Covid-19 pandemic, either through theoretical and empirical contributions that demonstrate the relevance of social sciences to the analysis of cultural, political and social processes related to the health crisis or through manuscripts addressing the methodological challenges in a scenario affected by the pandemic.

Papers for the special issue can focus on topics such as:

1) health policies and governmental responses in varied national and local scenarios, as well as impacts on the daily life of different social groups;

2) transformations on the work relations and the conceptions of time and space;

3) effects of the pandemic on processes of (re) production of inequalities based on social markers of difference and axes of subordination;

4) transformations brought by Covid-19 on the meanings related to body and health for different social groups;

5) effects of the pandemic on the micropolitics of human relations in varied contexts;

6) political attitudes of the population in a context of uncertainties and disputes of narrative;

7) power relations on the international scenario amid searches for medical supplies and solutions to the health crisis;

8) meanings of the outbreak of a pandemic such as that of Covid-19 for human coexistence with the environment, globalization and/or state of capitalism.

The Editorial Commission also encourages the submission of papers that deal with the methodological impacts of the pandemic for the field of social sciences, based on discussions about challenges, strategies, and potentialities for doing research in the scenarios generated by Covid-19 and its developments.

Contributions must be sent through the journal’s system, in accordance with the guidelines for authors, using the option “Dossiê: Ciências Sociais e Covid-19”.

Accepted languages: Portuguese, Spanish, or English.

Final date for submission: September 30, 2020.

Estimated publication: first half of 2021.

Email for information: